There is change in the air! Beginning in 2018 Knoxville Creative Hands Street Team (KCHST) will no longer hold in-person meet-ups four times a year and will instead interact through the new Facebook Groupwww.facebook.com/groups/KCHST/. This group is for KCHST members only and you can join today. We also have a Facebook Page that is for both KCHST members and the public. The Page was created as a means to inform the public about shows and sale events we were hosting, but we no longer do that. The Facebook Group will give members a place to ask questions, share information and learn how to grow their handmade/vintage/creative business. I'll continue sharing relevant Etsy information there as well.

Our last in-person meet-up will be in October (check the Facebook Page, Facebook Group, KCHST website - kchst.com - and newsletter in September for date and details). Over the last five years attendance at the meet-ups has declined dramatically and rather than close the team down completely, the Facebook Group will be an alternative method for members to continue "meeting" and discussing. Members are always welcome to organize and host their own meet-ups. I'm open to any suggestions/comments about these changes. Please comment here or email me at teamcaptain@kchst.com.
I'm excited about the future of KCHST! Members often have questions, but can't make it to the meet-ups and this will be an easy way to get feedback/support/guidance/answers from any- and everyone on the team, quickly and easily.

Thank you for your continued support,

Lisa Mueller
KCHST Team Captain