Hello KCHST members~

Only 64 days until Christmas, but there is still plenty of time to prepare your Etsy shop for holiday sales!

Mark your calendar for the next KCHST workshop on October 28th at 7 PM at the Panera Bread in Fountain City. If you are serious about making lots of sales this holiday season, you don't want to miss the Shop Critique Workshop. Attendees will review five shops {send me an email by clicking HERE to be one of the shops, first 5 to send an email get critiqued and you MUST be present to be critiqued!} and provide constructive feedback. The feedback can help improve the appearance and functionality of your shop which is crucial during the upcoming holiday shopping months. This workshop is being held at Panera because I am moving from my photography studio|office this month and probably won't have chairs.

At September's meet-up we discussed some changes for 2016 based on feedback I've received via email, the survey I sent out earlier this year and the input of those in attendance.

Here is what you can expect in 2016:
> Meet-up & mini-workshop in February, April, June, August and October
> Mini-workshops will be 15-minute educational moments by KCHST members (YOU!)
> Meet-up time will be 6 PM
> Meet-ups will rotate between Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
> Meet-ups will be on different days (like, not the last Wednesday as we have been doing)
> Meet-ups will be in different locations around Knoxville
> Newsletter will be sent only in the month of the meet-up

I'm excited about these changes! 


KCHST Team Captain