Here is what you can expect in 2017:

> Meet-up & mini-workshop four times during the year (not in November or December)
> Mini-workshops will be 15-minute educational moments by KCHST members (YOU!)
> Meet-up time will be 6 PM
> Meet-ups will rotate between Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
> Meet-ups will be on different days (like, not the last Wednesday as we have been doing)
> Meet-ups will be in different locations around Knoxville
> Newsletter will be sent only in the month of the meet-up (at least two weeks before the meet-up so you can plan accordingly)

Meet-up attendance was low in 2016 so we're scaling back to four meet-ups per year, but that is subject to change based on attendance. 

If you are interested in leading a mini-workshop (your choice of topic!), please email me and reserve your month and topic.


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